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Lunch Reminders

Reminding all families that you must sign your child up for lunch if they are going on the Friday field trip.  The deadline is Thursday morning.  The food service staff need as much time as possible to make and pack all of the lunches for us!  

ANOTHER REMINDER:  The Food Service Program will continue to offer the breakfast and lunch program through Friday, July 28th.  I apologize for the incorrect date in the Parent Info Booklet.  So you will need to start sending lunches beginning July 31st.  Thank you!..More Information

2017 Field Trips

We are still working on the field trip schedule - it's very difficult to get in touch with some of these places - but I can at least tell you where we plan to go each of the field trip days:
  • Friday, June 16 - Bemidji Bowl
  • Friday, June 23 - Grand Rapids.  Yellow and blue rooms will go to the Children's Discovery Museum.  Green, orange, red and summeryouth groups will go to the Forest History Center
  • Friday, July 7 - Animal Land for yellow, blue and green rooms, International Day at Concordia Language Village for orange, red and summeryouth.
  • Friday, July 14 - Blackduck Movie Theater and Blackduck playground (no word on movie)
  • Friday, July 21 - Itasca State Park for special programming!
  • Friday, July 28 - Safari North
  • Friday, August 4 - Headwaters Science Center (coming to us)
  • Friday, August 11 - Suzy and Hondo (coming to us)
Unfortunately, our typical last field trip to the Waterpark in Thief River is not possible due to renovations this year!
..More Information