Kids & Company has a daily fee that varies based on your contract and the number of children you are registering in your family. We have three contracts:
  • Full time (FT) – Child is scheduled to attend each school day. You are charged for each school day, whether you child attends or not.
  • Part-time regular (PT) – Child is scheduled to attend set weekdays each week, such as every Tuesday & Thursday. You are charged for each set weekday, whether your child attends or not.  You choose which days, whether it's one day a week or up to four days a week, but it must be consistent.
  • Part-time varied (Var) – Child is scheduled inconsistently from week to week. You are only charged for the days your child is scheduled to attend.
 2018-2019 Daily Fee Per Child
                               Number of Children in Program
Types of Contracts 1 2 3+
Full Time Contract (every school day) $7.25 $6.75 $6.25
Part Time Regular (set scheduled weekdays)  8.00 7.50 7.00
Part Time Varied (days change week to week) 9.00 8.50 8.00

*NOTE REGARDING MULTI-CHILD DISCOUNTS:  our system is unable to give this discount unless the children have the same Kids & Company contract.

Full-Day Programming: 
$25.00 per child. 

  • Finder's Fee:  If your child has a change in schedule (goes home sick so won't be at Kids & Company, needs to attend an additional day, etc.) or if your child has a varied schedule, you must notify us.  We look for kids who are supposed to be there, and we get nervous when we don't hear anything.  We charge a $1.00 finder's fee if you fail to notify us.  See contact information for site cell phone numbers.
  • Late Pick-up Fee:  Our program ends promptly lat 5:45 pm.  We charge a late fee based on how late they are picked up.  If we cannot reach anyone and they haven't been picked up by 6:30 pm, we have no option but to have law Enforcement pick them up.  
Description Fee
Pick up from 5:50-6:04 pm   $5.00
Pick up from 6:05-6:25 pm $10.00
Pick up later than 6:25 pm $15.00
  • Contract Change Fee:  We do allow families to change their contract as necessary.  However, changing the contract is a time-consuming process for us, so we do have some limitations.  You may change your contract twice within the school year or summer without a charge, but additional contract changes will be accompanied by a $10.00 administrative fee.