Kids & Company has a daily fee that varies based on your contract and the number of children you are registering in your family. We have three contracts:
  • Full time (FT) – Child is scheduled to attend each school day. You are charged for each school day, whether you child attends or not.
  • Part-time regular (PT) – Child is scheduled to attend set weekdays each week, such as every Tuesday & Thursday. You are charged for each set weekday, whether your child attends or not.  You choose which days, whether it's one day a week or up to four days a week, but it must be consistent.
  • Part-time varied (Var) – Child is scheduled inconsistently from week to week. You are only charged for the days your child is scheduled to attend.
 2018-2019 Daily Fee Per Child
                               Number of Children in Program
Types of Contracts 1 2 3+
Full Time Contract (every school day) $7.25 $6.75 $6.25
Part Time Regular (set scheduled weekdays)  8.00 7.50 7.00
Part Time Varied (days change week to week) 9.00 8.50 8.00

*NOTE REGARDING MULTI-CHILD DISCOUNTS:  our system is unable to give this discount unless the children have the same Kids & Company contract.

Full-Day Programming: 
$25.00 per child. 

  • Finder's Fee:  If your child has a change in schedule (goes home sick so won't be at Kids & Company, needs to attend an additional day, etc.) or if your child has a varied schedule, you must notify us.  Also, if you don't sign your child out at pick up. We look for kids who are supposed to be there, and we get nervous when we don't hear anything.  We charge a $1.00 finder's fee if you fail to notify us.  See contact information for site cell phone numbers.
  • Late Pick-up Fee:  Our program ends promptly at 5:45 pm.  We charge a late fee based on how late they are picked up.  If we cannot reach anyone and they haven't been picked up by 6:30 pm, we have no option but to have Law Enforcement pick them up.  
Description Fee
Pick up from 5:50-6:04 pm   $5.00
Pick up from 6:05-6:25 pm $10.00
Pick up later than 6:25 pm $15.00
  • Contract Change Fee:  We do allow families to change their contract as necessary.  However, changing the contract is a time-consuming process for us, so we do have some limitations.  You may change your contract twice within the school year or summer without a charge, but additional contract changes will be accompanied by a $10.00 administrative fee.