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Kids & Company & Summer Youth Fees

The Kids & Company  and Summer Youth Programs have a daily fee that varies based on the contract you select and the number of children you register in your family. There are two contract options:
  • Full time (FT) – Child is scheduled to attend each program day, Monday through Friday. You are charged for each  day, whether you child attends or not.  This option has the lowest cost.
  • Part-time regular (PT)  – Child is scheduled to attend set weekdays each week, such as every Tuesday & Thursday. You are charged for each set weekday, whether your child attends or not. One day a week minimum is required.
Note that we do not have a partial day rate.
2021 daily fees are shown on the below table.
2021 Kids & Company (Gr 1-5) and SummerYouth (6-7)
Daily Fees
Number of Children
Full Time
Part Time Regular

Above fees include all program activities, including field trips. There may be an occasional fee for a special activity, but these will be kept to a minimum.

Other charges:
LATE PICK UP FEE:  $5.00 every 5-15 minutes late