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SummerKids/SummerYouth Fees

The SummerKids and SummerYouth Programs have a daily fee that varies based on the contract you select and the number of children you register in your family. There are three contract options:
  • Full time (FT) – Child is scheduled to attend each program day, Monday through Friday. You are charged for each  day, whether you child attends or not.  This option has the lowest cost.
  • Part-time regular (PT), or “pick your days” – Child is scheduled to attend set weekdays each week, such as every Tuesday & Thursday. You are charged for each set weekday, whether your child attends or not. One day a week minimum is required.
  • Part-time varied (Var) – Child is scheduled inconsistently from week to week. You are only charged for the days your child is scheduled to attend.  This is the most expensive option.
Note that we do not have a partial day rate.
2018 daily fees are shown on the below table.
2018 SummerKids (Gr 1-5) and SummerYouth (6-8)
Daily Fees
Number of Children
Full Time
Part Time Regular
Part Time Varied

Above fees include all program activities, including field trips. There may be an occasional fee for a special activity, but these will be kept to a minimum.

Other charges:
TRANSPORTATION - must be scheduled at Activity Transportation Scheduling link
  • Walking kids across Middle School Rd to baseball/softball, etc.:  $2.00/day or $25.00 for summer
  • Driving kids to activities:  $5.00 per day
LATE PICK UP FEE:  $5.00 every 5-15 minutes late