Please complete all fields or we will be unable to transport your child!  Submitting this form gives us permission to transport your child and pass responsibility for your child on to the activity while it is in session.  It is also with the understanding that fees will be charged according to the costs listed below.

NOTE:  E-forms for transportation requests must be turned in by noon the weekday before the first transportation takes place.  No exceptions.

Use these e-forms to submit transportation requests for community activities.  (You must register and pay for the activities on their own - this is just to request that we get the child to and from the activity.) 

Getting children to on-site activities, such as swimming lessons or tennis, is a service we provide for no fee.  However, you will still need to request this transportation so our staff know which kids to walk to activities and at what time.

We walk children to activities that take place across Middle School Road.  Because this takes extra time, we do charge a fee of $3.00 per day or $35.00 for the entire summer.

Activities that require van transportation cost $5.00 per day. 

We also have a paper form you may complete and return here.