Due to demand and current staffing challenges swimming lessons will meet 4 times for 25 minutes.  

Levels 1 - 4 will be offered until further notice. 



Level 1 Minnows Ages 5 and up 
Level 1   will encourage different variations of floats, glides, flip- flops, and leg and arm motion using minimal assistance.
Safety skills will continue to teach children about the importance of recognizing the lifeguards and an emergency, proper usage of life jackets in the water, and staying safe in a water environment.

Level 2  

Level  2   will encourage different variations of floats, glides, flip-flops, and leg and arm motion using no assistance. Children will also be introduced to safely jumping into chest deep water and returning to the wall, and amplified swimming underwater. Safety skills will be continued of children staying safe in aquatic environments and recognizing an emergency; children will also be introduced to moving while wearing a life jacket in water, and the reach and throw assist.

Level 3  

Level 3   will introduce children to the techniques of front crawl, back crawl, and elementary backstroke, in addition to four kicking techniques. Four variations of floating will be performed by each child for 30 seconds. Cold water and ice safety skills will be supplemented to the reach and throw assist, and safely jumping from the side of the pool to enter deep water.


Level 4  

Level 4   will introduce feet first into deep water entry, and front and back crawl flip turns. Techniques of front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke, and kicking with a kick board will be performed at the appropriate yard measurements. Safety skills will primarily focus on the rules for safe water entries.


From here, students that show a continued interest in water advancement can proceed into life guarding and/or the Bemidji Area Super Swimmers (BASS) club.