Baby Swim (ages 6-12months)
This course is designed for babies from  
Content: Learn safe airway management and water play skills for your baby without using floatation.   The basic requirement for this class is that your baby can roll over and sit up independently.
Instructor: Tonya Onstad is a certified aquatic physical therapist and an experienced pediatric physical therapist.

Parent and Tot ages 12-36 months

Level 1 Basic Skills  ages 3-5 years 
Water Acclimation,Flutter Kick,Breath Control, Breath Holding, Back Kicking, Introduction In-line Kick, Surface Swim with Pop-up Style Breathing

Level 2  Basic Skills  ages 6 and up  
Back kick, breath control, inline kick, front crawl with flotation, independent front crawl, bobs 5x, front and back glide, jellyfish float, tuck float, front float, back float, tread water. 

Level 3  Freestyle and Backstroke 

Incline kick, back kick, bobs, backstroke, free with side breathing, headfirst entry, survival float, back float, changing positions, tread water, scissor kick, jump into deep water. 

Level 4   Sidestroke, Elementary Backstroke, Treading 

Level 5  Advanced swim Strokes.  Breaststroke and Butterfly