Please review the following guidelines:  

Whenever possible please arrive dressed to swim and shower at home to keep locker room traffic to a minimum.  If using the locker room please practice social distancing. 

● Enter the facility five minutes prior to your session. Not any earlier.  Practices will start on time.  Please plan accordingly. 

● The use of a protective face mask is REQUIRED when entering and leaving the pool area. 

● If you are not feeling well, PLEASE do not come.

● All participants must maintain social distancing. (6ft) 

●  Current practice guidelines from USA Swimming will be followed. 

● Do not share equipment. 

● Water fountain use is not permitted, please bring a filled water bottle. 

● Swimmers must leave within five minutes after the session ends. 

● This is a drop off and pick up only - no spectators. 



Contact: Woody