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Early Childhood Screening Appointments

Early Childhood Screening is a FREE developmental screening required for all preschool-age children by the State of Minnesota prior to entry in kindergarten and some early childhood programs. The optimum age to screen is 3 ½ but children can be screened at age 3-5. Screening benefits children and families.  Please choose a screening appointment time from the Early Childhood Screenings tab listed at the top of this webpage and click on appointments in the drop down menu OR call 218-333-3119 to have our secretary help you schedule an appointment.

At your child’s screening appointment, a teacher and nurse will check your child’s:

  • Vision, hearing, height, and weight
  • Social and emotional progress and overall development
  • Immunizations and health history

Early childhood developmental screening helps:

  • Parents confirm their child is on track with development
  • Connect you with early childhood programs and services
  • Answer your parenting questions