Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my child go on the first day?
Kids who attend Solway Kids & Company should go to the music room. At each of the other schools, children should go to the cafeteria on the first day. Kindergarten and K-1 children will be picked up near their rooms the first week.

All schools except Solway are based in the cafeteria, though children will later learn a different meeting location at some schools. These base locations are where parents should go to pick up their child also.

Where will I pick up my child?
Since we use many school facilities, your child could be in one of several locations when you arrive. Staff at the base area (cafeteria at all schools except Solway, which is based in the art room) will direct you to your child. Our program is based on the fact that kids need choices after school, so we do allow some freedom of movement between locations. At larger sites, we should be able to send for your child by using two-way radios, or you are welcome to go to where he/she is playing. Parents are welcome to stop by anytime!

When and how do I pay my bill?
First of all, please DO NOT pay the staff at your Kids & Company school! Payments that travel tend to get lost.

Unlike home daycares where you pay in person each week, we send out our bills. We email statements to the email address you provided when you registered; if you have not provided one, your bill is mailed to you.

We generate and send out statements every two weeks, by Wednesday for the previous two weeks. Payments are due within one week from receipt of the statement.

There are several ways to pay your Kids & Company bill:

• Pay online at by logging into your account:  Follow the directions on the last link at left, "Paying Your Bill Online".
• Mail your payment to: Kids & Company, ISD #31, 3300 Gillett Dr NW, Bemidji MN 56601
• Pay in person at our office, 1420 Beltrami Avenue, NW, between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm
• After those hours, you can put your payment in the secure lockbox under our building's sign
• Call our office at 333-3284, ext 2, to make a credit card payment by phone
• Arrange for an ACH payment through your bank.

If you have trouble logging in to your account, please call our office - we can help!

What if my child will be absent, or needs to attend an additional day?

THIS IS CRITICAL!! Please let us know if there is a change in your child's attendance (absence or extra day). Under "Contact Information" to the left, you will find cell phone numbers for each site. You may also email us at or call us at 333-3284 ext 2, to inform us of this change. We will get the message to the staff at your child's school. If you leave us a message, be sure to include your child's school in the message.

Extra days are billed at your contracted rate.

It is VERY important that you contact us about these changes, because we look for children if they are scheduled to attend and we have not heard from you. Kids occasionally do some strange things, like decide to take a bus to a friend's house, or decide they want to go home one day. We want your child to be safe, so we take the responsibility of checking with you to make sure they are where they are supposed to be. We can't imagine how horrible it would be for you to come to pick up your child, and we say, "Oh, she wasn't here today". We feel that this notification is so important that we charge a finder's fee if you forget! It's only $1.00, but we hope it's enough to encourage you to remember to call us next time.

What if I need to change my child's contract? What if we move?
Please contact us if you need to change your child's contract. You may  email us or complete a Contract Change Form, available in the "Forms" section of our website and from the Kids & Company staff at your school.  We do need this in writing and ahead of time.

We like to be flexible, so we do accept contract changes, but it does take lots of time and work to make these changes. Therefore, after you have made two contract changes within a program period (school year or summer), any additional contract changes will be assessed a $10.00 processing fee. Also note that we cannot backdate contract changes - the change will take place on the day you contact our office.

Information about your household can be changed easily. Your family's account record is online, so you may change information such as address, phone numbers, credit card info, authorized pick up persons, etc., through the website. Also, please be sure that your child's grade and school are correct each year!

What do I do if my child doesn't need to attend anymore?
You may drop out of our program at any time. We understand that family situations change. However, you must notify us or you will continue to be billed! Please email us or complete a Contract Change Form (on our website under forms, or from the Kids & Company staff). The form may be mailed, faxed, or dropped off at our office - see contact information for those numbers/address.

Do I pay for absent days?
If you have a full time or part-time regular contract, you will be charged for absent days. That's because you're actually paying for the reserved spot in our program, and we have staff scheduled based on anticipated attendance, not actual attendance. In other words, our costs do not decrease very much if your child is absent.

Families on a varied contract pay a higher daily rate, but only pay for the days their child actually attends. However, be sure to keep us informed of your child's attendance schedule.

My child has been struggling in math. Can you help?
Yes, and several of the Kids & Company sites have children that work on homework on a regular basis. Please talk to our staff at your child's school. It's not always easy to find a quiet place to study, but we will do our best to help your child. As much as possible, we hire America Reads tutors from Bemidji State University specifically to help with homework, tutoring, etc., so just let us know. We usually have one or two tutors at each site by mid-October. We have a "Request for Tutoring" form on the website, also.