Registration Procedures

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You must pre-register for this program. Registration will begin April 23 for the summer programs, and we continue accepting registrations throughout the summer.  However, registering after the deadline or during the first week of SummerKids is considered a late registration, since it's extremely busy at that time, so there is an additional $20.00 fee at that time (if we have openings).  

We require NONREFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE  of $20.00 per child with registration.  (For returning customers:  This is necessary because our registration program is still unable to correctly handle deposits correctly.

Be sure to contact us (info is below) to verify that your registration has been completed and so we know when to expect your child.

There are several ways to register:
- On line at our web site ( is the preferred method because you can access all of your child’s account information: scheduling, payment info, billing info, tax reports, etc. Also, although you will need to register each year, you will only need to enter most of your information once. And your account information is stored and secure. You will need to enter Credit Card information to register by this method.

For other payment methods, you may go to the above web site, set up your family account, then call us for directions on how to proceed.
- Call our office at 333-3284 ext 2.
- Stop by our office at 1420 Beltrami Avenue NW

Contact: Andrew Lesch or Kate Mischke, 218-333-3284